Refreshingly different digital recruitment

Altitude Digital is a specialist digital marketing recruitment agency based in London. We connect brands, digital agencies and start-ups with the smartest digital talent.

We have a refreshing new way of doing things. Fair, transparent pricing and rebates for clients, and nurturing, consultative support for candidates seeking new opportunities. We create lasting connections.


Transparent terms, low fees (15%), shared risk, 30 days payment terms and a 90-day rebate period – plus access to the best digital talent.

Most recruitment agencies aim to negotiate terms with their clients, and usually open with high % fees that are unrealistic and uncompetitive. Occasionally they may get lucky when a client doesn’t understand the rules of the game and pays the asking price – often 25% or 30% of starting salary.

They also offer unfair rebate periods, earning most if not all of their fee even if the candidate does not stay in the job for long. This is generally a disaster for the client, taking them back to square one with the recruitment process, and causing them to lose months in the process.

We believe in an alternative solution that shares risk between agency and recruiter. We follow the REC Code of Professional Practice, and offer the following terms to our clients.


  • Standard fee of 15% of starting salary package
  • Consultancy project fees for special recruitment projects
  • 30 days payment terms, to help with your cashflow

We believe that we are the only digital recruitment agency in the market offering such attractive, shared risk terms, ensuring that everyone is a winner. Give us a call at out London based office, we look forward to working with you!

About Us

Altitude Digital was born out of complete frustration with the whole digital recruitment process – from both the candidate and client perspective. We believe that a whole new way of working is needed – one that is fair, supportive and transparent to both those seeking new opportunities, and to those seeking to fill their vacancies.

Our founders have over 20 years’ experience of working in digital – in start-ups, digital agencies and for major brands. We have seen both sides of the coin – as candidates and as recruiters – and are convinced that mediocrity does not need to be the norm.

Our Values

At the heart of Altitude Digital is the belief that digital recruitment does not have to be a lengthy, tedious and frustrating process for all the parties concerned.

Candidates need to be really listened to and supported throughout their search for new opportunities. They need to be matched to the best companies, and advised on what skills and experience they will need, and on whether they will be a great fit for the new role.

Companies need to ensure that they are in pole position to attract the best candidates in a super-competitive market. We really understand what the best digital talent is looking for, and can help our clients create a great job brief to attract the best.   We then do the hard work identifying both active and passive candidates, and present you with a shortlist that fully meets your spec.

And finally, we believe that companies need clear, fair and transparent pricing from the outset, and shared risk if things don’t work out.

What we do

Our founders have years of digital marketing experience, and we know the following sectors inside out:


From graduate trainee to Account Executive, and from Account Manager to Head of PPC, we understand what skills are needed for great PPC. Left brain, right brain, analytical geeks or people people.   In-house or agency.


From technical whizzes to content writers, from digital strategists to digital PR, we know our stuff.   We understand Panda, Penguin and Possum, know what drives search visibility, how the SEO process really works and how it is developing. And we know what makes a great SEO practitioner.

Social Media

Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram? From blogging to community management, we have the experience to help find exactly the right fit for both candidates and businesses.

Web Analytics

Data is king. If you are a Google Analytics genius, or need one to understand what your customers are really doing, we can connect you to the best talent.


Conversion Rate Optimisation – the secret key to driving more revenue.   We can find you someone to really make the difference to your online performance, and if you are a CRO specialist, we can find your next role for you (A/B testing optional).

Content Marketing

The internet is overflowing with rubbish content – or “nontent”. If you can craft great copy, create inspirational ideas, have your finger on the social media and blogging pulse, we have great roles for you.


Programmatic display, buy side, sell side, RTB – we have the people to make your display campaigns really deliver. And we have fantastic opportunities for anyone who has mastered this complex world.


Great email marketing still really delivers. Poor email marketing is spam… We know how to tell the difference, and know people who can deliver real cut-through for your campaigns.


Understanding your customers, engaging with them in the right way, and retaining them are the keys to delivering great life time value. Great CRM people can change your business – poor CRM will churn your customers.

The digital world is fast moving and constantly changing. If you’re looking for something a bit different, or need to fill roles that aren’t listed above, please get in touch – we’re always happy to chat through your requirements.

Contact us

Call, email or connect with us: we’d love to hear from you!